PURE Cell blinds from Shuttercraft:

  • Safety features as standard

  • Multiple colour choices

  • Easy to maintain

  • 1 year warranty

If you are looking for a really modern look in your home, then PURE Cell Honeycomb blinds could be just what you need. Sleek in design, practical and beneficial, these pleated blinds work best when combined with plantation shutters.

Venetian blinds and shutters are incredibly popular due to their contemporary design, but can still let in a small amount of light on brighter days. Perfect if you want to block out light more fully, honeycomb blinds are made with just one piece of fabric, instead of slats or louvres.

Bring down your bills with pleated blinds

When looking to transform your home you will want both style and cost efficiency. Because they are made with folded fabric, our PURE Cell pleated blinds are useful for helping insulate the home and keeping your bills down. Skilfully crafted with premium materials, the pleats help reduce heat loss during winter, and keep a room cool in warmer months. The pleated reflective material acts as a heat barrier, reducing the levels of warmth escaping through your windows.

Design choices to match most interiors

Blinds are made to match your space, suiting most window styles. This makes them ideal for trickier openings such as skylights, French doors, and tilt-and-turn windows.

With numerous colour choices, cell sizes, accessories and different fabric types we are sure you’ll find a blind you love with Shuttercraft. A semi-opaque choice is also available if you want to keep the room lighter, even with the blind closed.

Able to make your room dark any time of day, at Shuttercraft we are also proud to offer a unique integrated blind and shutter system from S:CRAFT. Pleated blinds sit behind shutters, cutting out both sun and streetlights by almost 100%, making them perfect for light sleepers, or young children who need to nap during the day. See our room darkening page for further details.

The array of choices of colours and fabrics, combined with an ability to be installed in different places, makes pleated products a stylish and unique addition to any property.

Free advice with no hard sell

We want you to be perfectly happy with your choice of interior furnishings, which is why we work with you to decide on the right materials for your space. Having best interests at heart, your local Shuttercraft will be able to give expert advice on the best window coverings for you, providing a guiding hand to let you choose the right products for your home. Without using pushy sales techniques, we introduce you to a variety of colours and design options that would suit your interiors. We help you find the right design choices for your style, with our eye for detail and great product knowledge.

Book a free, no obligation, appointment with a Shuttercraft in your area and discover how your home could benefit from pleated blinds.

Available in the following colours

  • Tamarind

  • Primrose

  • Infinity

  • Topaz

  • Slate

  • Ecru

  • Indigo

  • Champagne

  • Larkspur

  • Pebble

  • Sand

  • Fog Green

  • Brie

  • Desert

  • Dusk

  • Black Ink

  • Terra

  • Mineral

  • Steel Grey

  • Glacier White

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